We teach sales strategies that will grow your business

Ninja Academy breaks down sales and business growth into simple to use systems and shows how to easily integrate them into your business and sales infrastructure

Making more sales can be easy

The Ninja Academy is made for entrepreneurs and sales agents that want to increase their profit with smart sales strategies, software and automations. Our students are focused on building sustainable sales systems, that help to increase revenue and can easily be taught to anyone within the same organisation.  

Proven System

At the Ninja Academy we teach the lessons learned while building Ninja Partners, an international sales agency with over 25 employees. Our way of sales has generated us and our customers several millions dollar in revenue.

Why does it work? Because we build relationships with the right people. No robots. No fake sales strategies. We just connect a problem to a solution. How to do exactly that is taught inside the Ninja Academy.

Reach High Productivity

By joining the Ninja Academy we equip every student with the same systems that we have been successfully using. This includes smart time management by using resources that have shown success in the past. Our sales system can be implemented fast and generate the first profits within weeks!

Skills taught inside the Ninja Academy

Create Ideal Customer Profiles

Learn how to identify a potential customer

Database management

Learn how to build a database of verified contacts

Lead Sourcing

Learn where to find leads and how to source their email

Create Sales Playbook

Learn how to build a sales playbook

Create Sales Strategy

Create an entire sales strategy for your business

Cold Outreach Strategy

Learn how to outreach to cold leads

Lead Qualification

Learn how to qualify leads to avoid wasting valuable time

Reporting & Data Analysis

Learn how to collect and read data

Customer Relationship Management

Learn how to use software to build better relationships

Script Writing

Learn how to write scripts to bring your message across and make people interested

Lead Nurturing

Learn how to turn more leads into meetings and sales

Campaign Optimization

Learn how to optimise your campaigns

How the Ninja Academy works

The Ninja Academy provides all the tools needed to successfully increase sales for any business.
With the right combination of video lessons, a dedicated mentor & a social learning community we will make sure
our students succeed no matter the level.

Online Training

Ninja Academy’s online training is made to guide entrepreneurs and sales agents step by step through the entire process of creating profitable campaigns that actually sell. The entire online training is a combination of video lessons, quizzes & assignments to ensure every students success.

Learning Community

Connect with our active community of Ninja Academy Students and real Ninjas that work here in our office on Koh Phangan, Thailand. The Ninjas are here to help you answer any questions, solve any obstacle, so you may master the art of sales.


With our gamified education model we ensure productivity of each Ninja Academy student. Each training consist of video lessons, assignments and exam which each student has to pass. 
Gain points, win achievements and rank up.

+ Dedicated Mentors

Everyone starts at a different level. With our dedicated mentors we ensure that all content is understood and executed. Whenever students need help, their mentor will have the answer. Every student has direct communication with their mentor via WhatsApp.

Trainings in The Ninja Academy

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Want to create a better sales system?

Find out in our discovery call if the Ninja Academy is for you and your business. If you would like to improve your sales system and find out how to increase your profits this is the first step.