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Watch live how we set up profitable marketing campaigns

Join our live online class and learn how to run successful marketing campaigns like a Ninja. We will teach you the Ninja strategy with a proven track record of over 5 years.

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Online Workshop Curriculum

Marketing Methods Explained

In this online workshop you will learn all about our personalized marketing startegy

Live Campaign Setup

We will set up live a campaign for you to follow and model after

Question & Answer Session

For the end we have a Q&A session perpared where you can ask all your questions

Hosts of the live training

I believe in lifelong learning that is why we founded the Ninja Academy. We believe everyone should learn the essentials of personalized marketing.

Peter Brobeck
Businesses Developer at Add More Colors, Ninja Partners & Ninja Academy

With the Ninja Academy we are now able to help even more businesses to win more clients in an automated but personal way.

Chris Heymann
Lead Generation & Automation Manager at Ninja Partners

Learn how to win more clients with personalized marketing

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