Start Your Marketing Career As Virtual Sales Assistant

We Train You To Become A Virtual Sales Assistant

Start to learn important marketing & sales skills and easily find jobs in this changing job market. Master the Academy and we guarantee you a job at our partner company Ninja Partners and on top 2,500 Euro as Exam Bonus.

Skills of Virtual Sales Assistants

Learn these skills inside the Ninja Academy

Lead Generation
Email Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Video Marketing
Instagram Marketing
Blog Marketing
Marketing Automation
Facebook Ads
YouTube Ads
SEO Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Google Ads

How It Works

1. Learn Online Marketing Inside The Ninja Academy

Step by step you will learn how to For the end we have a Q&A session perpared where you can ask all your questions

2. Win Leads And Customers For The Ninja Academy

To keep track of your learning process and to make sure you actually acquire the skills taught, we created a special learning experience.

3. Master All Levels Of The Academy

Once you passed all the levels inside the academy you will receive a Certificate, a bonus of 2,5000 Euro and a job at Ninja Partners.

Learn And Earn

While going through the Ninja Academy you will learn the theory and then apply into real life. With our new learning concept you are able to learn and earn. For every new member that signs up because of you will earn you 25€ commission. The more members you refer the more you earn.


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