SDR Training Course

Build An Effective Sales System That Generates High Quality Leads

Sales Training To Become A Sales Development Representative

  • Lead Sourcing
  • Cold Outreach Campaigns
  • Script Writing
  • Lead Qualification
  • Database Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Campaign Optimization

The Art Of Outbound Marketing And Sales

Master the fundamentals of sales outreach to book meetings and grow any business

The SDR Training Course is for you if…

👥 you want to sell more products or services but aren’t sure where to start or how to go about it

⏱ you want the time you spend on outreach and winning new clients to be stress-free and efficient

💸 you’d rather not pay for ongoing sales expertise and you want to become the expert yourself

🤝 you’re looking for a tried, tested and trusted system that generates quality leads, booked meetings and more sales

🎯 you want to learn everything about being successful selling your products with multichannel outreach; at your own pace

📚 you want to train your sales team efficiently and onboard faster, but you don’t have the time to do it all by yourself

What you’ll learn in the Sales Enablement Training:

The fundamentals of authentically building relationships with your optimal client audience, and how to convert a cold contact into a paying customer.

This training is divided into 4 main sections and there are frameworks, case studies and activities throughout, to ensure you fully understand each lesson and can apply the concepts to your business immediately.

LIST & DATABASE BUILDING: Learn how to create Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), how to find leads that fit your ICP, how to find their contact details, verify contact details and how to build high quality databases.

EMAIL MARKETING 101: Learn the fundamentals of email marketing: How to send emails that land in the inbox, understanding what makes email content ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the formula for creating email content that resonates with your target audience, how to give value to your audience and more.

MULTICHANNEL OUTREACH: Learn how to develop a systematic multichannel follow up strategy that converts more leads into an interested state and how to nurture leads until they book a meeting.. 

CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION: How to read datasets and how to improve campaigns based on actual facts, how to run A/B Split Tests to test out every variable in your campaign.

LEVEL UP and win new clients consistently with the know-how, tools and techniques taught inside the SDR Training Course

  • Save money by learning for yourself or training a member of your staff, rather than hiring an agency
  • Confidently create and run your own multichannel outreach campaigns to generate more leads whenever you need to
  • Stand out in your industry or sector by fully understanding your target audience and helping them to solve their problems
  • Increase your efficiency by planing ahead and always have a booked out calendar
  • Send campaigns consistently so you’re increasing your brand awareness
  • Free up time to work on your business by training new staff to use the systems taught in the Ninja Academy

Meet The Organisation Behind The Ninja Academy

About Ninja Partners

At the Ninja Academy we teach the lessons learned while building Ninja Partners, an international sales agency with over 25 employees. Our way of sales has generated us and our customers several millions of dollars in revenue.

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