12 month consulting program to help you scale your business & profits

We guide you to build a strong sales team, optimize business workflows and create a market strategy that will help to win a real market share

Who is it for

Ninja Academy Consulting Program is for entrepreneurs, business owners or agencies with an existing business making at least $20,000 per month. If this is you, you most likely struggle with:

  • Hiring & managing a sales team
  • Delegating Daily operations
  • Managing complex business workflows
  • Creating a market strategy that helps your brand stand out and take over market share

How it works

Ninja Academy Consulting Program will help you to create

  • Custom Business Plan: We will create a custom business plan for your business for the next 12 months
  • Sales Strategy: We will create a sales strategy for your business and help you to build the process and hire sales talent
  • Market Strategy: We will create a market strategy, build the processes and hire talent
  • Hiring Process: We will help you to source and acquire the best talent for the work to run the system (Sales Team, Marketing Team, Admin Team)
  • Management: We will help you to build processes for all business workflows and daily operations to make your business more effective

You will receive access to

  • Weekly Live Call: 1:1 Call with one of the Ninja Consultants to hold you accountable and keep up to plan on all business parts
  • Community: Ninja Consulting community where you can hang out with other entrepreneurs trying to achieve the same as you

How to get started

If you are an existing business owner with over $20,000 revenue per month and you are interested to use our consulting & management services to scale your business -

Schedule a call using the calendar below and meet with one of our team members to discuss if the Ninja Academy Consulting Program is a good fit. If you have any questions email us at support@academy.ninja